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RIPLO : Robinson Intellectual Property Law Office, P.C.

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RIPLO focuses on high quality patent prosecution through a wide-ranging series of redundant legal and administrative quality improvement initiatives.    In short, RIPLO prides itself on a personal approach to the patenting process, which includes close involvement with our clients and, when appropriate, engagement with the appropriate Patent Office personnel.  To that end, RIPLO's IP professionals have developed numerous positive relationships with patent examiners, supervisors and quality assurance specialists, among others, at the U.S. Patent Office adding a further potential means for achieving positive results on behalf of their clients.

RIPLO's attorneys work with their clients by crafting specifications and claim language with the goal of achieving the desired level of protection for their inventions, by sharing their experience to inform the client’s strategic decision-making process during the prosecution process, and by assisting in the appropriate and complete citation of prior art in Information Disclosure Statements.

RIPLO strives to ensure quality in all manner of patent practice through rigorous review of document submissions by at least two, if not three or four staff members and legal professionals.  The quality process includes claim and Information Disclosure Statement proofing, routine monitoring of the patent application through the U.S. Patent Office utilizing the agency’s patent application information system and customized monitoring schedules that we have found to be particularly effective in reducing some USPTO processing errors, in some cases, before they coelesce into more severe challenges.

RIPLO has been nationally recognized for its quality initiatives.  PatentRatings LLC ranked RIPLO among the top 10 law firms in the country for electrical patent quality, chemical practice quality and “most mentions” in the report (IP Law & Business, March 2005).

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